• Sohom Mukherjee

Factors need to be considered for Web Hosting

Web Hosting is a process of renting or buying a place for your website on the internet world. Just like an offline store needs a commercial space, an online website needs a host to house it.

Website contents like texts, images, videos or audios need a live storage space to be viewable online, that’s what a web hosting service do in a nutshell.

Now, to understand which web hosting service would be the best for you, you need to consider some factors before choosing from this overblown hosting market.

Let’s check out some important factors to choose your hosting partner:

  1. Reliability: Unreliable network structure would push your website to be offline frequently. That would not only directly impact your traffic and thus sales, but also it will decrease your search engine ratings. To understand which company is more reliable, it’s always best to look for their uptime history. Any company having a score below 99% isn’t worth your time.

  2. Security: Even though it’s a common belief that your online security depends only on your security certificates of your websites. However, a secure hosting server can help you a lot to keep those dreaded malwares, viruses and hackers at bay. Modern hosting servers like the BlueHost ensures a rigid firewall which prevents any harmful unwanted guests to enter your web application.

  3. Benefits offered: Almost all hosts would provide you optimum storage space and an efficient network connection. But you do need to look out for the supplementary benefits which will come in handy on a later stage. For example, a free domain name for a year decreases a business’s operating cost, free SSL certificates ensures your security without any cost, free SEO tools help your ranking in Google Search. Free Premium Cloudflare CDN or a simple add-on like 1-click WordPress install can make your initial set up cost low and take very less time.

  4. Customer Service: This benefit might be the most important one when it comes to any technical requirement of a company. Any web host who provides a 24x7 customer support for all your needs should be always considered.

  5. Scalability: Last but not the least, one of the most important factors for choosing a web hosting service is scalability. With time, your website traffic will increase, there will be a rise on your sales, external communication with your website will increase, and your initial hosting plans may not suffice. If you hosting provider cannot accommodate your increased demands, it will cause you a huge problem.

You need to choose a web hosting service that provides flexible upgradation plans, i.ea way to transfer from shared to dedicated hosting.

Everyone needs to understand that it’s costly and a time consuming affair to change your hosting provider or your domain every time you face a problem as it also decreases your credibility as a website in the World Wide Web. So it is best to do a lot of research based on the above factors before choosing your web hosting service provider.


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