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Why Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is so important for your marketing Strategy?

Any business that has an online presence, will want to get organic traffic to their website and to get that highest quality traffic, their marketing strategy must focus on search engine optimization (SEO).

According to data driven by Chitika, 32.5% people clicks on the 1st result on search engine, 75.7% people clicks the results ranking between 1st to 5th position and 91.7% people clicks results on the first page only, that means only 8.3% people goes to the second and third page. To get the maximum traffic and attraction to your website it is important to rank on first page, so SEO is the most crucial factor for marketing strategy.

What is SEO and its benefits?

SEO is the most significant process of improving the backbone of a website which enhances the visibility of the website on search engine results. A website can stand alone, but SEO helps to improve the quality and quantity of site traffic.

The key elements of SEO are keywords, content, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and local SEO.

What is the importance of Search Engine Optimization?

With the help of SEO, you get organic traffic to your website and you aim to be on the first page of search engine. Optimizing the website is a long-term strategy. To build the site SEO-friendly takes significant amount of time. Similarly, the impact of proper optimization of a site has a persistent effect. The best part of a SEO is that working procedure is qualitative, but its result is quantitative. It is tough to ignore the importance of search engine optimization. So, marketers may skip paid traffic, but they never want to lose the organic traffic.

SEO helps in:

· Getting and increasing the organic traffic

· Building trust and credibility of the website

· Offering better user experience

· Increasing engagement on the website

· Building your brand

· Initializing the buying cycle

· Achieving the desired result at a much cheaper rate

· Putting light on new opportunities and scopes

Why does SEO matter to marketing?

The ultimate goal of any company is to bring conversion and generate revenue. The target of any marketer is to simplify the procedure of conversion, by getting more attraction, traffic and lead. SEO is the best marketing tool to get the desired goal, it is the primary and the most inevitable part of marketing.

There are 5 deliverables of search engine optimization, for which SEO matters to marketing.

1. High Visibility and Rankings

Visibility and ranking on search engine are directly proportionate. When people search for something, you must offer something related to search, that’s visibility. The better your offering matches the search, the higher will be your website ranking on search engine result page (SERP).

2. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic considers as the best quality traffic as search engine suggest this as per the search of the audience.

3. Great Authority

SEO makes the website high quality and relevant and improves the trustworthiness of a website.

4. Better Customer Experience

SEO improves the usability of a website, that enriches the visitor experience.

5. Lead Generation

SEO is directly responsible to capture leads, that is the customers who have shown interest to the website.

SEO looks like too easy, but it has multiple complex elements that work together to make the website visible, increase traffic and bring the interested people to the right page.

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